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Pipe burst

An ideal technique for replacing existing pipes.

Pipe bursting enables an existing pipe to be replaced by a new polyethylene pipe, taking the place of the old one.

To do this, the head of a specially designed pneumatic hammer is first inserted into one end of the pipe to be replaced. Next, a cable attached to the hammer head is inserted into the existing pipe and connected to a winch located at the other end of the segment to be replaced.

By applying continuous tension, the winch enables the hammer to progress as it bursts the pipe. The replacement pipe is pre-fused to its full length and secured behind the hammer. As a result, installation of the new pipeline progresses at the same pace as the hammer, and excavation is only required at the ends.

When should pipe bursting be recommended?

This technique can be used to burst pipes ranging from 3 to 30 inches. Ideal for replacing a pipe that does not have.

It can even be used to replace an existing pipe with a new one of slightly larger diameter in a compactable material.

Pipe bursting is the technique of choice when it is too difficult to replace a pipe by excavation. Finally, the following factors must be considered:

Pipe to be burst must be made exclusively of cast iron, stoneware, concrete (unreinforced) or plastic.

This technique requires a start and finish well at the same depth as the existing pipe.

Soils must be compactable and suitable. Minimum coverage is required to avoid affecting the ground surface.

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